The links below are either for CDBaby, iTunes, or Bandcamp, but you can also purchase these albums on Amazon, Spotify, and just about anywhere digital music is sold.

Forged in RhythmKeenan McKenzie‘s album of original swing music.  If you like the original tunes on the Mint Julep Jazz Band albums, Keenan is the mastermind behind these tunes.  Singing on 7 tracks, released in December, 2017.

Get Rhythm in Your Feet – the second release from Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders, singing on six tracks. Released in July, 2017.

That New Old Sound: Vintage Jazz From a New Generation of Bands – a compilation album of modern-day swing and early jazz bands, spearheaded and organized by Glenn Crytzer, featuring the Mint Julep Jazz Band‘s “The Dwindling Light By the Sea,” with all the proceeds of this album going to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).  Released in December, 2016.

Leave Us Leap – the Craig Gildner Big Band‘s debut album, singing on “Boogie Blues” and “Jump for Joy,” released in November, 2016.

Carolina Tiger MilkPeter Lamb and the Wolves‘ third album, singing on “I’m Evil,” along with fellow Mint Julep Jazz Band leader Lucian Cobb on trombone as musical guests of the Wolves for this track, released in September, 2016.

Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenadersself-titled debut album, singing on 4 tracks (or 5 if you download from iTunes and get the bonus tracks), released in August, 2016.

Battle Axe – the Mint Julep Jazz Band‘s second album, released in 2015.

Durham on Saturday Night – the Mint Julep Jazz Band‘s debut album, released in 2013.

Have a Holly Raleigh Kidsmas – singing background vocals on the Atomic Rhythm All-Stars‘ original tune “Our Friend the Gingerbread Man,” released in 2009.